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    Post  Glory on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:09 am

    Server/Forum Rules
    01. OBEY ALL STAFF! - This means you do whatever a staff member tells you to do. NO exceptions.

    02. No Scamming - This means you do not trick or influence another person, into giving you their wealth.

    03. No strong language - This means if you swear, you are fully eligible for punishment.

    04. No Racism/Prejudice Discrimination - This means you are not allowed to insult any culture or religion.

    05.Do Not Influence others to break rules - This means you may not encourage another person to break any

    06. No Begging - This means you will "never" continuously ask somebody for something, Especially Staff.

    07. Do Not Teleport within the wilderness - You may walk out, but are not allowed to teleport.

    08. No Advertising of any kind - This includes mentioning any other online game "except Runescape" You may not send a Private message to somebody.

    09. No Lying to staff - This means you must always be truthful when speaking to a staff member. This includes Donations, as well as anything else.

    10. Use Common Sense - This means, if you think you are doing something wrong, don't do it.

    11. No harassment - This means if somebody tells you to get away from them, you leave them alone (Verbally).

    12.No Spamming - This means you may not talk consecutively at a fast pace, this becomes annoying.

    13. Absolutely no bug abuse - This means no using glitches in any way - THIS INCLUDES INVISIBILITY.

    14. Be a good Citizen - We have created a community, and we will not tolerate any bad qualities that a person demonstrates to his/her community.

    15. Absolutely no Account Sharing - This means, nobody should ever be on your account except you, or a staff member.

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